Andor Drakon

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Andor Drakon @
Локация [[cHaOs plane]]
Вид Demonic humanoid
Мировоззрение Chaotic
Враждебный? Yes
Уникальный? Yes
Видит невидимое? Yes
Видит в темноте? Yes

Andor Drakon is the final opponent faced by players attempting either an Ordinary chaos god ending or an ultra ending. He exists on the cHaOs plane, a dimension separated from the reality of the Drakalor Chain by the Chaos Gate. In many respects, simply getting to Andor Drakon is more difficult than actually defeating him--reaching him requires the PC to have completed several difficult side-quests, tracked down a number of rare items as well as completing collecting all five Elemental Chaos Orbs and reaching D:50 alive. Many players consider the battle with him to be considerably easier than some earlier challenges, particularly the Ancient Chaos Wyrm and the cat lord. In practice, defeating Andor Drakon requires a significant amount of preparation; he will easily decimate players who forget a critical item, but players who are properly prepared are more likely to be concerned about killing him before the hazardous background corruption of the cHaOs plane transforms their PC into a writhing mass of primal chaos.

Andor Drakon is believed to have approximately 10000 health, and the monster memory reveals him to have a DV and PV of 60 each, as well as a speed around 220. He takes numerous attacks per turn, which may include physical attacks, casting spells, or summoning. His to-hit and damage are surprisingly low, so his physical attacks are unlikely to deal significant damage to PCs that manage to reach him; however, his melee attack can paralyse the PC if they do not have resistance. Paralysis in this case almost invariably results in a slow and painful death. His melee attack also causes corruption, although considering the already frightful background corruption of the cHaOs plane, the effect isn't all that significant.

Andor Drakon casts several spells of note: first, he is capable of casting death rays, which will instantly kill unprepared PCs and otherwise deal hundreds of points of damage. He is capable of casting darkness and teleportation, and can drain several attributes per turn, and confusing the PC. In addition, he may pass through the walls. He is capable of summoning chaotic creatures including Chaos servants and writhing masses of primal chaos. He is permanently invisible.

Strategies for Killing Andor Drakon


Generally, any PC who wishes to face Andor Drakon needs the following intrinsics:

Death ray and paralysis resistance are necessary to avoid his most lethal attacks; see invisible is necessary to locate him; teleport control is necessary to move quickly about the cHaOs plane to minimize corruption, to track Andor Drakon if he teleports away, and in the event that the PC acquires the astral planes corruption. A light source is also strongly recommended, as are a spare pair of thick gauntlets. Note that the Trident of the Red Rooster provides both death ray resistance and see invisibility. For PCs lacking the trident, the ancient mummy wrapping also provides these intrinsics. Corruption removal is essential for PCs that are not Champions of Law, as these PCs must enter the cHaOs plane extremely corrupted, and will die from corruption within a very small number of turns. Champions of Law require minimal corruption removal, but a few extra scroll of chaos resistance will not go amiss if they are available.

PCs also must be able to inflict a massive amount of damage in a relatively short period of time to avoid death by background corruption or Andor Drakon's massive stat draining. He is vulnerable to humanoid and daemon slaying weapons and ammo, including the Trident of the Red Rooster. The twin daggers Needle and Sting are also an acceptable alternative, although PCs pursuing an ultra ending must kill Andor Drakon with the trident equipped to achieve a complete victory.

Fighting in Melee

Fighting in melee is one of the most common approaches to killing Andor Drakon. The Trident of the Red Rooster alone is generally powerful enough to inflict enough damage to kill Andor Drakon with minimal problems. A powerful ego weapon with a penetration suffix or the twin daggers will also be able to deal sufficient damage to kill him in a reasonable period of time. Note that all weapons should be blessed, since this adds a 50% damage bonus to anything hitting him.

PCs fighting Andor Drakon in melee are advised to throw a potion of cure corruption at him, since this will remove some of his more dangerous abilities, notably his corrupting melee attack, and his ability to cast death rays. The potion will also deal a nominal amount of damage to him. Andor Drakon is also (curiously) vulnerable to blindness, confusion, stunning, and paralysis (!), which means that PCs with these resources at their disposal may be able to neutralize Andor Drakon quite effectively. Note that Andor Drakon does shrug off bolts, so getting some of these effects to stick may require repeated attempts. Whether this is actually worth doing is a matter of some debate.

As a confused or blinded (possibly even a stunned) Andor Drakon will use teleport spells to get away from the PC and the PC has to go after him with teleports of his own to catch him, so these methods should be taken with a particular grain of salt. Paralyzation does not have this problem. As the PC is going to be paralyzation resistant to begin with, he can bounce the paralyzation rays with impunity to hit his foe twice (or more) per blast, which doubles the chances of success. A paralyzed Andor can then be berserked with the Trident of the Red Rooster with little worries (though he has so many HP he will likely wake up one more time, but at the very least a large chunk of your work is done).

PCs with powerful missile attacks (particularly archers) and a significant supply of daemon or humanoid slaying missiles may wish to use these to attack Andor Drakon. Missiles are highly effective against him, but due to the large number of creatures he summons, in practice the PC will likely need to stand next to him to maintain a clear line of attack. PCs using missiles may similarly wish to consider using a potion of cure corruption and other disruptive techniques discussed above.

Fighting with Spells

Spellcasters face some special problems in the cHaOs plane: first, Andor Drakon is capable of draining PPs at an incredible rate, so, in practice, the PC will need to cast all spells from HP. Using prayers to recover PP is absolutely not an option. Since physical damage is fairly minimal due to HP casting, and abuse to the Mana stat is an irrelevant concern, this doesn't actually pose a huge problem. The second issue is that Andor Drakon claims that spells increase his power. This does not appear to be true in the strictest sense of the term--he certainly can be damaged by, eg. acid balls; however, spells may have some effect on his stats (his speed seems to be increased by 1-2 for each spell cast, and you will have to cast a lot if you want to kill him this way), so using the most powerful available spell is best. In practice, anything but Acid Ball is probably not worth considering except if you're out of options.

Special Considerations


At level 25, thieves acquire a powerful ability that allows them to stun opponents on critical hits. At high levels, with a slaying weapon, this ability applies to nearly every hit, and works remarkably well against Andor Drakon. Unfortunately, while stunned, Andor Drakon will wander the cHaOs plane at will, and is difficult to pursue due to his ability to pass through walls. This can lead to an extremely frustrating and difficult battle. Missiles may be a better option in this case.


Beastfighters face particular difficulty with Andor Drakon for two reasons: first, due to their innate abilities, they are completely inept at attacking Andor Drakon with the Trident of the Red Rooster in melee; yet they still must kill him while it is equipped. This either means reducing Andor Drakon to a highly injured state, and slowly chipping away at his remaining health with the trident, or using missiles. Due to the lack of slaying (or blessing) abilities on their fists, beastfighters also must be able to do massive amounts of damage in melee to overcome Andor Drakon's sizable PV. Attacking him with missiles is probably the best option, but lots of humanoid and demon slaying ammunition is needed. Note that this restriction does not apply to the ordinary chaos god ending, but beastfighters still must overcome the significant PV hurdle.

Beastfighters also have a similar problem with critical hits as thieves, so attacking with missiles avoids a number of problems.


Due to the fact that Andor Drakon will effectively instantaneously drain the PC's entire PP battery, mindcraft is completely useless in this battle, as HP cannot be used to fuel it. Mindcrafters can use melee or missile attacks only, plus the odd wand.


Paladins who are lucky enough to find Justifier are probably best using this weapon for the duration of the battle, only switching to the Trident of the Red Rooster at the end. Justifier is a daemon slayer, and the damage of all modifiers (including slaying) is doubled when a Paladin strikes with it. Particularly for paladins with high strength, this will likely outstrip the damage done by the trident by a fair margin.

Bards and Necromancers

It is not known whether Necromancy or scrolls of familiar summoning function properly on the cHaOs plane. Until this can be established conclusively, pet-reliant classes such as bards and necromancers are advised to have alternative means to dispatch Andor Drakon.

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Not applicable -- once Drakon is slain, there's no time for the PC to eat his corpse.

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((Unknown -- apparently, the eLdEr ChAoS gOd defies description))