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Bards are prehaps one of the most fickle, and potentially powerful classes in ADOM. It is not recommended that new players try to work their way out of the early game with this class. However, if someone is steadfast enough to roll until they have both a powerful birthsign and admirable skillset, bards can become powerful enough to be considered a top tier class.

Basic Information[править | править исходный текст]

Because bards have a chance to know any skill (save necromancy) when they are generated, they are at the whim of the RNG(random number generator). Ideally, this would give them access to several difficult to acquire skills that are valuable right out of character generation. Below is a list of skills that aspiring bards might want to look for when starting out their charcter.

Alertness - Perhaps the most valuable defensive skill in the game, many players favor dark elves for their combination of this skill and Find Weakness. Alertness gives a tremendous chance to avoid spells, a chance to avoid traps as well. You'll want this on your skill sheet.

Archery - This opens up some solid talents, and allows a bard to push their ranged tactics a bit better. Just watch out for your pet when you fire.

Concentration - One of your class abilities is to gain spells. You want Leaning high by that point, and you want the Concentration skill. Not a *must have*, but certainly greatly desirable.

Detect Traps - This could mean the difference between a frustrating stupid death post and a successful finish, especially in the early game. Avoid falling rocks is good. Not necessary, but great.

Dodge - Not a reason to reroll if absent, but a nice boon if there. Offers up to 10 dv to a player, as well as giving a slight chance to avoid ranged attacks, even from magic. Much, much less of a chance then Alertness.

Find Weakness - If you're going to take direct action, having 20% critical chance is an oustanding thing. Since bards are likely going to be relying on missile fire or melee damage to handle most encounters, having this skill is nearly a requirement.

Gemology - A fairly elusive skill, if you can acquire it, you allow your enslaved, rock digging pets to produce gems for you when they dig. Don't bother with the Mining skill, as ant, slug, ankehg, or many other pets can generate a pile of loot, crystals of learning, and other valuable returns for you. Not essential, but this opens up a plethora of wealth options and training Learning.

Herbalism OR Healing - With one of these skills present, you can attain the other. Herbalism is valuable in gathering herbs from the big room or other randomly spawned herb levels. Since herbs are quite valuable in training up attributes, this is desireable. Healing is nearly a requirement for anyone.

Literacy - Unless you're playing a troll bard, its likely you'll have this, even as a troll, you still might. This is definitely a skill you want for mid to late game viability.

Base Stats[править | править исходный текст]

Starting Skills[править | править исходный текст]

Crowning Gifts[править | править исходный текст]

Bards' possibly great skill set and superb class powers are somewhat offset by the lack of a good crowning gift. Of possible artifacts only Boots of the divine messenger and Cloak of Oman are notable thanks to almost non-existent variation in artifacts of their respectable item types. Moreover, most PCs will likely use Seven league boots (which are typically available to Bards from the start of the game) instead of Boots of the divine messenger.

Special Abilities[править | править исходный текст]

Class Abilities[править | править исходный текст]

  • Heir gift: blessed Seven league boots
  • Bard's luck: As stated in the in-game manual, Bards possess the "knack to stumble upon strange items". In practice, Bards will find more variation in item modifiers: to-hit/to-damage boni in weapons/missiles and DV/PV boni in armor.
  • Bard's charm: Pets/companions will less likely (possibly never) turn on Bard PCs upon triggering fireball traps.

Class Powers[править | править исходный текст]

  • Level 6: One additional skill increase on level-up.
  • Level 12: Receive 1d3 levels in 6 randomly chosen weapon skills.
  • Level 18: Receive spell knowledge in 4 randomly chosen spells. The exact value of spell knowledge is determined by the following formula: 80 10 * Le 20 * Ma. Consider drinking potions of boost learning and potions of boost mana right before the level-up for better results. Note that you are not guaranteed to get knowledge in 4 different spells.
  • Level 25: Receive/improve 6 random skills.
  • Level 32: Hit point regeneration is doubled. This does not decrease the number of turns between natural HP gain, but gives 2 hit points on each gain. Consider drinking potions of troll blood to increase efficiency of this class power.
  • Level 40: Power point regeneration is doubled. This does not decrease the number of turns between natural PP gain, but gives 2 power points on each gain. Consider drinking potions of raw mana to increase efficiency of this class power.
  • Level 50: Receive 6 to all attributes.

Starting Gear[править | править исходный текст]

Human Troll High Elf Grey Elf Dark Elf

Dwarf Gnome Hurthling Orc Drakeling

Mist Elf Ratling

Starting Pet[править | править исходный текст]

Race Pet
Human Silver wolf
Troll Cave bear
High Elf Cooshoo
Gray Elf Fairy dragon
Dark Elf Giant spider
Dwarf Cave bear
Gnome Giant raccoon
Hurthling Big dog
Orc Dire wolf
Drakeling Giant lizard
Mist Elf Mist wolf
Ratling Gargantuan rat