Cavernous level

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Cavernous levels are a particular type of level that features large circular rooms occasionally interspersed with short connecting corridors. Cavernous levels tend to be considerably more dangerous than normal levels because monster generation rate is much faster, and it is easy to get surrounded. Most dungeon features cannot occur in cavernous levels, the exceptions being altars, ant nests, beehives, herbs, surges of power and threat "rooms", i. e. threat rooms that happen to lack the actual walls holding the monsters in. In this form they are much more dangerous than on normal levels: they feature a large (often 25-40) number of levelled creatures of the same type that will engage the PC once spotted, and, due to their large numbers, close proximity, and the open spaces, can be very difficult to handle, particularly if the denizens of the open threat rooms are summoners, vortices, or otherwise dangerous monsters such as diamond golems.

Although the design of cavernous levels is not fixed (from their appearance, they are probably modified regular levels), their locations generally are. The following is a list of all cavernous levels in ADOM:

The Big Room shares the main features of cavernous levels - wide open spaces and high monster generation - but is not a proper cavernous level because of its fixed, clearly non-natural size and shape and the guaranteed presence of herbs (to the exclusion of other dungeon features).