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Material required? Cooking set
80/100 giving extra checks? Yes
Obtainable in game? No
Wishable Yes

This skill allows the PC to cook food susceptible for rotting, increasing its nutrition value and making it easier to preserve.

Manual info[править | править исходный текст]

Cooked food is more nutritious and less prone to rot away. Very effective if used on corpses. You need a cooking set to use this skill.

Basics[править | править исходный текст]

As the manual says, the skill can be used only if the PC has a cooking set. It is possible to cook all corpses, raw meat and fish meat. Pieces of raw meat will be transformed into pieces of fresh meat and pieces of fish meat will be fried; these two types of food do not rot.

Cooking a single food item will take exactly 20/35/50 turns based on B/U/C status of the cooking set. There is a chance to ruin the food which is significant with untrained skill and is reduced on higher skill advancement levels. According to Soirana, cooking set B/U/C status also influences this chance (as always, using blessed sets is better than using uncursed ones, using uncursed sets is better than using cursed ones).

Cooked corpses

Cooking corpses will reduce their weight by 5% and make them last longer (results of Soirana's tests show that cooked corpses rot about 4 times slower than uncooked onces for the PC without Food preservation skill).

Nutrition value for the majority of edible corpses is doubled when they are cooked, inedible corpses typically are not improved.

It is not recommended to use Necromancy on cooked corpses, as slaves created this way will quickly decompose.

Advanced uses[править | править исходный текст]

Cooking also usually turns cursed corpses into uncursed ones (or rotting corpses to slightly rotting corpses). Thus Cooking skill might be used as an emergency measure to save valuable corpses (such as corpses of orb guardians). Moreover, certain corpses have beneficial properties that may only appear when uncursed or blessed, and cooking provides a method to remove cursing without using a scroll of uncursing or holy water.

Note that it is possible to cook corpses and meat using fire-based spells (Fire Bolt, Fireball, Improved Fireball) and wands (wand of fire, wand of fireballs); this method is typically much faster and reliable, as it cannot ruin the corpse or meat.

Obtaining[править | править исходный текст]

The following Races start with Cooking skill: Hurthling.

The following Classes start with Cooking skill: Healer, Farmer.

Training[править | править исходный текст]

Successfully cooking corpses and meat.