Courage quest

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The Courage Quest, named after its reward, the Courage skill, is granted by the old barbarian living in a glade in southern central Drakalor.

Basics[править | править исходный текст]

To receive the quest, the PC must fulfill two conditions: First, he must be non-chaotic; second, he must have killed 500 monsters. If the player talks to the barbarian while these requirements are met, he will be instructed to kill twenty of the kind of monsters that was his first kill.

If the player has taken note of his first kill, this is then as easy as finding twenty more and killing these, then returning (though the old barbarian will only talk to non-chaotics, so chaotic players that completed the quest objective will still have to convert to get the reward). If the first kill of the player is a monster that only appears once or twice in the game, like the half-orc bouncer or a raider lord, the Courage quest is impossible to complete excepting wishing about 20 times for it; since Courage itself is wishable (And not terribly crucial) that would be a lousy way to spend wishes.

Researching the first kill[править | править исходный текст]

If the player has not taken note of his first kill, the old barbarian provides a way of researching it. A list of possible first kills should be made; i. e. the player should try to remember where he started the game and which monsters the first couple could have been; this list will usually include goblin, kobold, rat, giant rat, skeleton, zombie, hobgoblin and so on. Then these should be systematically checked off; the PC will venture to the nearest early game dungeon - usually D:1 - and kill one listed monster, but refrain from killing any of the others on the list. Then he can immediately return to the old barbarian. If he reacts saying "Ye art showing promise but ye need to show more" you have the correct monster, as this message signifies that the player has at least made some progress toward the quest, i. e. killed at least one monster. If he doesn't react this way, but makes a critical remark and eyes you suspiciously, you can check off that one monster type and return to the dungeon.

If the PC is pretty sure that the first kill was a very common monster he can also try simply continuing to play as normal and talking to the old barbarian once more. Finding out the first kill using him is more critical if the player has not noted his first kill, but is planning an ultra ending, for which some knowledge of Filk's approximate location is valuable, if only to make sure that he is not already located impossibly deep and the ultra plans should be abandoned.

Alternate reward[править | править исходный текст]

If the player has started and finished the quest, but gained the Courage skill in some other way (either a wish or a scroll or potion of education), the old barbarian will react surprised and grant a regular two-handed sword as reward instead.