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Danger level [DL] is a basic statistic for any dungeon level, which is also used for monsters and items.

The basics[править | править исходный текст]

It affects:

  • item generation - only items with DL equal or lower to the DL of the current dungeon level can be generated in random drops, pickpocketing or item polymorphing [potions of exchange or raw chaos].
    The only exception is if a monster has a typical drop (short bows for kobolds and so on] they can appear even if it exceeds dungeon DL. The primary example of this would be chaos knight entourage in wilderness, as chaos knights still drop eternium gear in the wilderness (which is a Danger level 1 area).
  • monster generation. Same as for items only available monster generation is influenced by character level, so L50 character can get some nasty things even in low DL areas.
    Monster generation DL is also affected by some intrinsics [at least doom increases it].
  • Corruption - areas below or equal to DL9 are corruption free, and as DL grows corruption gains speeds up. Although there are exceptions of this - the dwarven graveyard is a good example of a high DL area with no background corruption.
  • Some dungeon features - at least door traps. Amount of damage done by some regular traps [fireball] might depend on DL.

The DL of a dungeon level is usually preset. The only exception is the small cave, which is believed to be 2x character level.

DL can be influenced by scrolls of danger and scrolls of peace.

There is some controversy about the way most DLs for dungeons, items and especially monsters were checked. Except for most common things/places it probably originates in forbidden code diving.

The Infinite dungeon presents a special case as item generation DL is believed to be divided by three (meaning you need to be on ID4 or lower to get DL2 items).

Notes[править | править исходный текст]

  • Note: Danger levels on this wiki are NOT necessarily 100% accurate. They represent the lowest danger level that an item/monster has been found at, however testing has not been done on a large enough scale to guarantee that every low DL item has been found on its correct level. Danger levels on this wiki should be treated as a rough guide, nothing more.

Testing[править | править исходный текст]

Currently, Ascyron is performing exhaustive tests to generate non-codedived information relating to danger levels. His tests assume two things: That danger level is equal to the dungeon level in the Caverns of Chaos (so D:8 will be a danger level 8 area), and that scrolls of item creation cannot create items that exceed the current levels danger level.

General summary of tests:

  1. Item creation: Read ~20K-50K scrolls of item creation.
  2. Item categorization: Sort them into piles of type, so all headgear in one pile and potions in another, etc etc
  3. Item examination: Sort each pile into several piles:
    1. One of items known from earlier tests to be a lower DL
    2. One of current DL items
    3. One of repeated items (so if he has 3 wands of knocking, 1 goes in the above pile and 2 in this pile)
  1. He then lists all current-DL items on the correct page (see Items for a list of all pages), and if an article has not been made for that item then he makes it
  2. Having completed that, he moves down to the next dungeon level and starts again

Should the likely event occur of there being incorrect information regarding danger levels on any wiki page, please do NOT simply fix the information on that page. Post on the Talk:Danger Level with your correction, and it will be fixed in all locations that it occurs on the wiki.

The different sub-pages of Items has a partial list of test results. As testing progresses, Ascyron will be adding more information on higher DL areas and their items.