Dwarf (race)

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Dwarves are a playable race in ADOM.

Manual Info[править | править исходный текст]

Dwarves are a small, hardy and taciturn race. They barely grow to be four and a half feet. Their body is stocky and their endurance is legendary. Dwarves are especially proud of their long beards and their great craftsmanship with metals. The dwarven race has spawned the greatest of all smiths. Their skill in forging weapons and armor is unsurpassed, as is their greed for gold. They are able warriors, brave to a fault, have an excellent sight in the underground and are experts at detecting secret doors and traps.

Gameplay Effects[править | править исходный текст]

Skills[править | править исходный текст]

Dwarves train in Climbing, Detect traps, Metallurgy, Mining and Smithing.

Of these skills, Detect Traps is of particular use to PCs whose class does not offer it -- as traps that are detected are much easier to avoid. Mining is also useful for harvesting gems, and reducing risk of pickaxes breaking for such PCs that depend on them for digging. Whilst dwarves are the only race to practise Smithing, it can be learned by all PCs within the game anyway; though many players don't even bother with it due to how difficult the skill is to use.

Attributes[править | править исходный текст]

Dwarves are typically strong and very tough. Their other stats are not tilted heavily in either direction; typically their Learning and Willpower is slightly above average, but their Dexterity is slightly below average. Thus whilst they aren't excellent at archery or learning spells, they aren't bad either.

Starting Equipment[править | править исходный текст]

Dwarves tend to be well equipped, with many classes starting with a full set of metal and/or leather armor. Dwarvish paladins are notable for being very heavily armored -- with an average starting PV of 10 or 11, which can potentially be as high as 26 (depending on the luck of the dice). They favor axes as their starting weapon, and archers start with an impressive heavy crossbow as their missile weapon of choice.

Lifespan[править | править исходный текст]

Dwarves start out at 51-70 (50 5d4) years old and die at 401-500 (400 10d10) years old. Thus, their long lifespans mean that they have huge deal of protection against unnatural aging.

Power Point and Hit Point Regeneration Rate[править | править исходный текст]

Dwarves have slightly higher than average HP regeneration rates, but very slow PP regeneration. This poses considerable concern for dwarvish spellcasters; particularly for mindcrafters, since other forms of magic can be cast from HP (which dwarves tend to have quite a lot of) in emergencies.

Relations with other races[править | править исходный текст]

Dwarves' law-abiding but haughty nature attracts a small number of friends -- and a lot of enemies -- in Ancardia. Their friends are fellow dwarves, gnomes and hurthlings -- with which races they do great trading deals with. Their nemesis is the orcish race -- dwarves and orcs both do very harsh trading deals with each other. High elven and grey elven shopkeepers are prejudiced against dwarves; whilst dwarves themselves are extremely prejudiced against dark elves.

Alignment[править | править исходный текст]

Dwarves start off Lawful, though Class can affect this.

Eating habits

Dwarves are the fussiest eaters in ADOM. Like most other races, they vomit after eating rats, fat worms and cooked roaches, and refuse to eat doppelgangers unless starving. For some reason, they also refuse to eat orcs of any kind unless starving (the message "No self-respecting dwarf would do that!" is usually generated when trying to eat an orc). They also refuse to eat fellow dwarves.

Other gameplay effects

  • Mithril skin: Only dwarves can get the talent 'Mithril Skin' -- which permanently adds 3 to their PV score. This is the only talent in the game with a racial requirement.
  • Dungeon sight: Dwarves tend to automatically find secret doors and tunnels quicker than other races.
  • Racial crowning gift: Dwarves may be crowned with Hammerhead instead of the usual crowning gifts for their class.
  • Extra piety from sacrificing gold: Dwarven gods especially prize gold. This, combined with a guaranteed dwarf shopkeeper, means that dwarves may accumulate piety much faster than other races through selling items and sacrificing gold.
  • A few other small gameplay effects also apply for dwarves -- such as being able to read the runes on Griff Bloodax's grave. It is rumored that dwarves also have a better chance than other races of obtaining the artifact Rolf's Saviour.

Suggested Classes[править | править исходный текст]

Dwarves typically are strong and tough -- thus are suited to fighting classes such as Fighters, Paladins, Monks and Barbarians. They are a very popular choice for Weaponsmiths, due to their natural smithing talents. Whilst they do not possess great magical talents, their mental and magical stats are much better than those of orcs and trolls -- which balanced with their good physical stats, makes dwarvish mages potent at balancing both average magical abilities with (at least) average chances of survival.