Earth Temple

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The Earth Temple is a special dungeon level in the Caverns of Chaos, usually on level 44 of the dungeon. The left side of the level consists of a few randomly generated rooms; whilst the right side, in which the temple itself lies, always has a fixed structure that is constant between games. The temple contains the Chaos Orb of Elemental Earth -- which is carried by the Ancient Stone Beast.

Файл:Earth Temple.png
The Earth Temple, fully excavated

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The entire level itself is a no-teleport area.

The left side of the level contains a few random dungeon rooms, which never seem to have any dungeon features. The right side of the level is sealed off by walls with no secret passages; instead, the PC must dig through the rock using a pick axe or magic (including wands of digging). PCs with a very high standing with their diety can pray for a pick axe in an elemental temple, if they don't have one.

Unlike with the Water Temple or Air Temple, not all of the rocks that seal off one side of the level from the other can be dug through -- only some of them. The PC must dig through the correct rocks to advance through the right side of the level. The area seems to contain many small room-like chambers, which open fully once one of their 'walls' has been dug through (like with most other dungeon rooms in the game). The PC would thus be wise to use a pick axe to dig through to the Earth Temple, rather than waste magical resources with little effect.

A significant problem that PCs face whilst digging through the right side of the level is being surrounded by earth elementals and stone grues -- as both of these monsters can move through rock, meaning the PC has nowhere to hide from them. PCs are open to several attacks per turn this way, and should thus be prepared with a sufficient defensive strategy; especially since elementals tend to quite regularly score surprisingly powerful critical hits. Powerful ball spells are particularly of use here. Note that the Ancient Stone Beast can also pass through rock -- meaning that many PCs will battle it before even reaching the temple room itself.

The centre 'chamber' in the level is the Temple itself -- where the Ancient Stone Beast that carries the Chaos Orb of Elemental Earth is generated on top of a chaotic altar. Chaos servants are also found in the Temple. Other 'chambers' consist of chaos servants, earth elementals, stone grues, stone snakes, or stone golems.

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Khelavaster assigns the PC to collect an Orb from each of the five elemental temples and reach the Chaos Gate; thus it is necessary to visit the Earth Temple to achieve any sort of victory.