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Material required? none
80/100 giving extra checks? no
Obtainable in game? no
Wishable yes

Boosts rate of critical hits

Manual info[править | править исходный текст]

This skill increases your chance to score a critical hit when fighting monsters.

Basics[править | править исходный текст]

Without this skill or a slaying weapon, the chance of getting critical hits seems to be around 5%. With skill at 100, it is about 20-25%, with seemingly linear increase. The final rate might be dependent on some factors as class, stats and weapon used.

Critical bonus for melee is 2x (3x if blessed weapon vs demons and undead); for missiles, the multiplier is in the 2x-5x range (with blessed missiles against demons and undead within 3x-7.5x).

While the bonus of critical hits can be 2x, the actual damage dealt is typically much higher than 2 normal hits. That is because most of the monsters have PV value, which is negated twice from 2 normal hits, but only once from the critical hit. For example, if you deal twice 20 damage points to a monster that has 18 PV, you will deal only (20-18)*2 = 4 damage points. However, a critical hit will cause (20*2-18)=22, which is more than 5x than the original hits.

Advanced uses[править | править исходный текст]

Some 25th level class powers increase critical rate - 20% for assassins and 10% for fighters. These seem to be additive.

Stacking: The damage from critical hits and a slaying weapon does not stack. Chances of getting a critical hit from skill, class powers, items do stack and can reach rather high values (>50%).

Obtaining[править | править исходный текст]

Classes: Assassin, Chaos Knight, Duelist, Fighter, Healer, Monk, Necromancer, Weaponsmith.
Races: dark elf and orc.

Training[править | править исходный текст]

Scoring critical hits for whatever reason (actually, using a slaying weapon trains the skill rather fast).