Gremlin Cave

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The Gremlin Cave is a dungeon in the south-west corner of the Drakalor Chain. It has one unique feature: it is the only dungeon in the game that begins completely dark. Along with the animated forest it is also the only level that only ever spawns one species of creature: Gremlins. Lots of them.

Достопримечательности[править | править исходный текст]

There is one guaranteed artifact in the cave - the Phial of Caladriel, which is an Artifact that when used will drain the players' Power Points to zero and light up the surrounding area. The amount of lighted squares appears to be based on how many PP were used.

Also, in all games a climbing set is generated in the Gremlin Cave. Fluff balls are abundant on the level - they can be picked up and used to create gremlins with water elsewhere.

Altars can be generated on this level.

The level is full of water traps. Gremlins that come into contact with water will multiply. Do the math - the main challenge of the level is going in, getting what you came there for, and leaving without starving first in the middle of screeching hordes of gremlins. The Disarm Traps spell or skill can be very valuable here - if the traps are taken out, the gremlin hordes can be dealt with eventually.

Население[править | править исходный текст]

In short time, the cave will be filled to the brim with Gremlins, which are damaged by sources of intense light. Constant sources of light like torches and amulets of light will not hurt them. However zapping a wand of light, reading the respective scroll, using the respective crystal, using the Phial of Caladriel or casting the Light spell will damage and kill them. If the spell is available, it is easily the most PP efficient way to kill the gremlins by the bucketload, hopefully clearing the way just enough to reach the exit or trap to be disarmed.

Квесты[править | править исходный текст]

No quests are started in the Gremlin Cave, neither do any quests instruct you to go there. Although phial is easy to get artifact to satisfy the Demented Ratling.