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Humanoid is a monster type in ADOM. Humanoids are a diverse class of monsters that are at least semi-intelligent, capable of some sort of speech, and know how to equip, use, and throw items. Construct humanoids -- e.g. golems -- are an exception. Humanoids probably make up the largest group of monsters in ADOM; making humanoid slaying weapons particularly desirable.

The monster class consists of several monsters including humans ('@'), small humanoids ('h'), grungy humanoids ('g'), orcs ('o'), minotaurs ('M'), ratlings ('r'), kobolds ('k'), berserkers and barbarians ('K'), townsfolk ('t'), trolls ('T'), werebeasts, presumably giant humanoids ('O' or 'H'), and possibly demons ('&').

Some monsters that seem to be classified as animals are (also) humanoid -- including the cat lord and harpies.

Common Attributes[править | править исходный текст]

Vulnerabilities[править | править исходный текст]

Arrows and quarrels of humanoid slaying exist -- which due to the nature of critical hits with missiles, guarantee two to five times normal damage against humanoids.

Many artifacts are known to slay humanoids: they are Kinslayer, Skullcrusher, Serpent's Bite, Executor and Vanquisher.

Other[править | править исходный текст]

Humanoids can be 'C'hatted with, and are capable of using items in a number of ways. As at least partially intelligent creatures, all humanoids can be affected by mindcraft