Kill Thrundarr

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This is the second quest assigned by Kherab. He asks the player to kill Thrundarr in Dwarftown in exchange for the Amulet of Raw Steel. Very few players ever complete this quest in practice, since the reward is not particularly desirable.

Условия получения[править | править исходный текст]

Player must have completed Kill Guth'Alak.

Выполнение[править | править исходный текст]

Travel to Dwarftown and kill Thrundarr, the village elder. Thrundarr has virtually no health, but has extraordinarily high PV, and thus must be attacked with spells, mindcraft, or penetrating weapons. If the player wishes to avoid enraging the inhabitants of Dwarftown, spells or mindcraft are recommended anyway, since these will not disturb the inhabitants. Ventriloquism can also be used on Thrundarr first to avoid enraging the populace.

Награда[править | править исходный текст]

The reward for this quest is the Amulet of Raw Steel. This artifact provides excellent PV and DV for an amulet, a colossal increase to perception and provides a number of useful intrinsics, notably death-ray resistance and see invisible. Unfortunately, this artifact also carries the essence of chaos and corruption, meaning that it will corrupt the player while it is worn or carried. Considering that these intrinsics are also provided by the easy-to-obtain ancient mummy wrapping, many players do not consider the added corruption a worthwhile investment.