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Monk is a class in ADOM. Monks are skilled fighters that specialise in hand to hand combat, kicking, and agility. Whilst their unarmed melee and kicking skills can grow tremendously powerful over time, the PC must not be burdened or worse or else they will revert to their default damage values (i.e. 1d3 for unarmed melee and 1d4 for kicking). Whilst monks can also fight with weapons, they get some minor penalties to damage (though not as much as those incurred by beastfighters).

Monks generally have difficulty surviving the early game due to poor starting equipment; however, they can become very powerful as the game progresses. They have excellent class powers and skill sets -- including Find weakness, Alertness, Healing and Dodge. They can also train Literacy and Concentration quickly, giving them some promise as semi-casters; however, in practice it is often tricky for monks to learn some more advanced spells without the appropriate starsign.

As for race-class combinations, generally no race is a poor choice for a monk. Gnomes and elves make particularly good monks, as due to their stat distributions they usually have decent archery and casting prospects as well as melee potential. Gnomes are particularly notable for to their fast levelling. Orcs, drakelings and dwarves make good monks as well, for their fighting abilities. Hurthlings can make use of Find weakness and the agility of monks to greatly enhance their missile combat styles. Whilst trolls' unarmed fighting skills develop a lot more slowly than those of other classes (due to slow levelling), their starting Strength usually makes up for this in the early game. Even in the later game, trollish monks armed with weapons can still make excellent fighters.

Basic Information[править | править исходный текст]

Base/Typical Stats[править | править исходный текст]

The base stats for grown up male monks are tabulated below; female characters will have approximately -1 Strength and 1 Dex, and young characters have slightly less Strength, Learning and Willpower. These stats were generated using the method described on the Talk:Archer page; except with star sign factored in. Variations of /- 5 to each stat will usually exist; or even more if the question system is skipped.

Monks generally receive good bonuses to their physical stats, whilst 'suffering' a penalty to Charisma. Their Mana and Appearance stats are generally mediocre.

Race St Le Wi Dx To Ch Ap Ma Pe
Human 15 15 14 14 14 8 10 11 13
Troll 27 6 11 11 25 5 5 6 9
High Elf 15 16 13 21 11 8 14 14 18
Gray Elf 15 16 14 20 10 6 18 16 18
Dark Elf 14 13 17 21 12 6 12 17 17
Dwarf 18 14 13 12 18 7 9 10 14
Gnome 14 14 13 17 15 10 10 15 14
Hurthling 9 13 14 21 17 10 10 8 13
Orc 21 10 14 14 18 6 7 6 10
Drakeling 20 13 17 12 18 8 8 10 12
Mist elf 12 19 14 20 10 6 22 21 21
Ratling 15 13 14 18 18 6 5 11 17

Starting Skills[править | править исходный текст]

Skill Typical Value Typical Modifier Available Ingame?
Alertness 4d5 No
Athletics 4d5 No
Concentration 3d3 No
Dodge 4d4 No
Find weakness 3d5 No
Healing 4d5 Yes
Literacy 3d4 Yes
Stealth 3d5 Yes

Crowning Gifts[править | править исходный текст]

As perhaps expected, monks do not get crowned with weapons. Except from the gauntlets of eternal peace, each of these artifacts have considerable universal benefits (though the robes would usually be preferable over the shirt).

Special Abilities[править | править исходный текст]

Class Abilities[править | править исходный текст]

  • Unarmed fighting: Monks start out with a base damage of 1d9 on unarmed combat, and get increases on this for every level they gain.

  • Kicking: Monks start off with a base damage of 1d10 to kicking, which increases as they gain levels.
    • The bonus is lost if they become burdened OR wield any weapon(s).
    • Additionally, the messages for kicking walls are replaced with "You practise your kata." for destructible walls and "The wall does not seem impressed." for undiggable or secret walls. Monks also can't injure themselves by kicking the air.

  • Martial arts bonuses: Monks get increases in speed and DV upon raising certain numbers of levels.
    • The DV bonus is lost whilst the PC is wearing armor weighing more than 60s. In ADOM versions prior to 1.2.0, some other types of armor that fit this criteria can also nullify the bonus[1].

  • Smashing kicks: Starting at level 13 monks can sometimes smash through a wall by kicking it, essentially giving them access to infinite digging abilities.

  • Slow digestion: Monks' satiation levels deplete at about half the rate of other classes (except for level 12 farmers). The special message that orcs and trolls get after eating rat corpses -- "What a tiny...erm, wonderful snack!" -- implies that they may also get some extra satiation from food; although this has not yet been tested.

  • Inner calm: Monks cannot true berserk under any circumstances (even if fighting with weapons).

  • Vow of poverty: Monks never start with any gold; generally, though, the effect of starting money on the rest of the game is negligible. Interestingly, picking the 'Wealthy' talent gives a monk 100 gold -- not (0*3=) 0.

  • Heir gift: padded clean robe of defence [ 4, 1] {Ap 4}.

Class Powers[править | править исходный текст]

  • Level 6: Can invoke an ability that allows them to kick every monster adjacent to them. The energy cost for doing so is 2500 (unmodified by Unarmed fighting skill level)
  • Level 12: Base movement energy cost is reduced to 800. This stacks with the effects of seven league boots -- the combination of which would give the monk a movement cost of (800*0.9=) 720 with uncursed boots and (800*0.75=) 600 with a blessed pair.
  • Level 18: Base movement energy cost is reduced to 600. This, again, stacks with the effects of seven league boots. The effect of this class power alone is better than permanently wearing 7LBs, allowing the PC to easily keep their distance from anything except quicklings. Perhaps one of the best class powers in the game.
  • Level 25: Gains the ability to change position (using the command ':s') even with hostile monsters. The combination of this and their level 18 power could make the difference between life or death when cornered by an extremely strong monster.
  • Level 32: Each melee attack has a (very small) chance of instantly killing a humanoid that is less than human sized.
  • Level 40: Each melee attack has a (very small) chance of instantly killing any humanoid (though bosses can be assumed to be immune to this).
  • Level 50: 'Effects of Chaos' are lowered by 10%. It is not yet known if this refers to background corruption, corrupting attacks from monsters, or both.

Starting Gear[править | править исходный текст]

Human Troll High Elf Grey Elf Dark Elf

Dwarf Gnome Hurthling Orc Drakeling