Orb guardians

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Orb guardians is a collective term that players often give to five unique enemies. These are so-called because each of them is found in an elemental temple, carrying a Chaos Orb of a particular element.

The five Orb Guardians -- and their associated element -- are:

The Orb guardians also share a few additional common traits:

  • PCs are not allowed to sacrifice them; neutrals and lawfuls will be asked to "*TAKE IT AWAY!!!*", and chaotic deities will complain that the orb guardian is a much more valuable servant to their Cause than the PC. (Otherwise, they could be easily defeated by 'O'ffering them to the altar they initially stand on.)
  • As corrupted monsters, Guth'Alak will reward non-Chaotic PCs that bring their corpses to him with one potion of cure corruption per corpse.
  • Eating them corrupts the PC, as it might be obvious. (The corpses of the Ancient Chaos Wyrm and Chaos Archmage also grant some stat bonuses.)
  • Each of the Orb Guardians has capital letters in Their Title. The only other monsters in the game that share this trait are the ElDeR cHaOs GoD, and (strangely) Dorn Beasts.