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Pools are a randomly generated dungeon feature that the player can drink from. Doing so can cause many different effects, both desirable and undesirable. Some of the latter include the summoning of poisonous snakes and dangerous water elementals; the most notable desirable outcome is that of receiving a wish. There are many different colored pools, but the difference between them is uncertain. It has been rumored that drinking from pools whose color aligns with the color of the PC's eyes will yield more positive effects, but no evidence has been found to support this.

Below is a list of possible messages generated by pools, and what they mean, credited to the online ADoM Guidebook.

Pool Messages[править | править исходный текст]

Intrinsics[править | править исходный текст]

Приобретаемые свойства Положительный эффект Отрицательный эффект
Сопротивление кислоте You swallow hard You taste bitter bile in your mouth
Сопротивление огню You feel hot-headed You shiver
Проклятие You sense trouble

или You start a trip on the road to nowhere

You feel relieved
Сопротивление лучам смерти You feel bold at the thought of danger You feel like an endangered species
Обреченность You become depressive

или You feel very very bad
или You continue the trip on the road to nowhere

You feel elated
Улыбка судьбы You feel very lucky You feel very bad off
Сопротивление холоду You feel cool You sweat
Полная невидимость You feel dizzy for some seconds

или You suddenly are gone

Your outfit suddenly looks much cleaner

или You suddenly are visible again
или No effect, as far as you notice (with See Invisible intrinsic)

Временная невидимость Suddenly you are gone

или You feel translucent
или You feel on air

You suddenly can see yourself

or You suddenly are visible again

Удача You feel lucky You feel cheated
Сопротивление параличу You are moved by the sheer pleasure of this sip of fluid You feel inflexible
Сопротивление окаменению You feel flexible You feel inflexible

или You feel gnarly

Сопротивление ядам Your digestion calms down Your stomach stings painfully
Видеть невидимое Your eyes tingle for a second Your eyes sting for a second
Сопротивление шоку You hear a voice calling you 'Iceberg' (note that 'Iceberg' is the name/password that Hawkslayer looks for) You feel shocked
Сопротивление усыплению You feel totally awake You feel tired
Сопротивление оглушению You feel very controlled You feel shaken
Контроль телепортации You suddenly feel like jumping around You suddenly hate the thought of jumping around
Случайные телепортации (болезнь) You feel jumpy You feel steady

Изменение Характеристик[править | править исходный текст]

Характеристика Увеличение Уменьшение
Appearance Your looks improve You are growing a wart
Charisma You feel very self-confident You feel reserved
Dexterity Your movements are getting swifter You are getting shaky
Learning You feel studious Thinking seems to get tougher
Mana You feel more in touch with the world You are getting out of touch with everything
Perception Your senses sharpen You seem to get less perceptive
Strength Your muscles feel stronger Your muscles soften
Toughness Your health increases It seems that you are getting a cold
Willpower Your will seems inflexible You feel soft-hearted

Status conditions and other Magical Effects[править | править исходный текст]

Message Effect
A gush of water hits you! Water damage
Lots of vipers burst out of the pool Vipers + chance of water damage
You are hit by lots of water. Same as monster water breath attack
You slip and fall in! Water effects on PC and equipment
A small frog pops up... The frog gives the frog quest to female PCs (if PC is male, the frog retorts that he is "of the boring kind"). Note that frog may explode (!) if the PC is male and deaf
Bah! This liquid is extremely filthy! Sickness
Great! Pure dwarven ale!

or Wow! Pure beer!

Like drinking a potion of booze
Nothing happens The PC would have been healed, but was at full HP
You feel much better HP restoration and may add a point of HP
Suddenly a water elemental rises from the pool! Water elemental summoned, also possible water damage
Suddenly your ears start to bleed! Bleeding for very few turns
The pool bubbles Pool tries to summon water snakes but there's no more room for any
The pool suddenly dries up. Pool disappears
The water is suddenly writhing with snakes! Water snakes are summoned
The water tastes bitter Poison, but PC is poison resistant
Urgh! Poison! Poisoned for 2d10 poison effects.
What do you wish for? Get a wish! It's important to ask for plurals -- i.e. "spellbooks" instead of "spellbook"
While you drink small waves seem to ripple the otherwise calm surface of the pool. Unknown (may no longer exist)
You age! Unnaturally ages
You feel younger! Removes some years of unnatural aging
You suddenly remember your early youth Would've removed some unnatural aging, but PC doesn't have any
You feel altered in an eerie way Causes 2 corruptions. Only happens with the pool in the Ancient Stone Circle.
You feel corrupted! Adds some corruption
You feel exhausted Abuses Strength
You feel slightly strengthened Trains Strength
You hear hissing sounds Water snakes summoned (but PC is blind)
You suddenly hear many hissing sounds! Snakes or vipers, but PC is blind
You suddenly hear roaring waves! Water elemental summoned, but PC is blind
Your wounds no longer bleed Stops bleeding
Your blood seems to cool down Would have stopped bleeding, but the PC wasn't losing blood