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Precrowning is the term given to the event in ADOM by which a PC receives an artifact from his/her deity as a reward for extreme devotion.

As the term implies, precrowning is possible for PCs that have not yet been crowned. Another event — termed as post-crowning — is almost exactly the same as precrowning except that it occurs after the PC has already been crowned.

The following four requirements need to be met for the PC to receive a precrowning artifact:

  • The PC must have a very high amount of piety with his/her current deity. The necessary threshold is reached when sacrificing at an altar generates the following message — "<deity> seems to be extremely close to you."
  • The PC's experience level must be greater than or equal to 8 plus 3 times the number of artifacts generated since the start of the game. E.g.: if the si and Moon Sickle have already been generated by the PC reaching a certain dungeon level in the CoC, the PC must be level 14 or more to be eligible.
  • The PC's alignment must not be extreme (that is, N= for the neutral deity and C-/L for chaotic/lawful deities). If the alignment is extreme, the PC will be crowned instead.
  • The PC cannot be intrinsically cursed or doomed. This is typically possible when the PC has one or more items granting negative karma, as any deity will remove intrinsic curse and dooming whenever the PC with enough piety makes a sacrifice.

Postcrowning does not require non-extreme alignment; all other requirements remain in power.

If the PC prays when necessary conditions are met, his/her deity will give an artifact that is not available through guaranteed sources in the game as a reward. If the artifact in question is True Aim or Thunderstroke, deity will also grant the PC a regular long bow or heavy crossbow respectively.

As with artifacts received through crowning, it is a grave offense to sacrifice a gift granted by a deity on its altar; doing so will result in an extreme drop in piety, as well as dooming and cursing. They can, however, be sacrificed to a different deity. They can also be fed to the demented ratling if the player is attempting an ultra ending.

Note that, in contrast to crowning, (pre/post)crowning is available multiple times — up to a theoretical maximum of 15, should the player manage to make it to experience level 50 without generating any artifacts. Naturally, the piety requirement increases dramatically with each subsequent (pre/post)crowning, making it fairly hard to achieve more than two or three times.

Due to the artifact number requirement of (pre/post)crowning, it is generally only accessible before the mid-to-late game as many artifacts are guaranteed to appear as the player advances through the game.