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Sapphire amulet "Preserver" (')
Тип Amulet
Артефакт? Yes
Вес 3s
Danger Level 5
Материал N/A

Preserver is one of the most useful amulets in the game. It gives a 4 bonus to your DV and PV, regenerates one HP per turn, grants resistance to poison and paralyzation, and grants luck.

Ценность[править | править исходный текст]

This is one of the most desired artifacts in the game. Regeneration and paralysis resistance alone make it worthwhile, and the rest of its bonuses only make it better.

Где найти[править | править исходный текст]

There are no guaranteed ways to gain Preserver. It can be generated through pickpocketing, as a precrowning or postcrowning gift, it is a possible crowning gift for Beastfighters, Healers and Necromancers, and can be generated at random in the same way as most artifacts.

Данные Greater Identify[править | править исходный текст]

------------------------ sapphire amulet "Preserver" [ 4,  4] {Wi 7} ------------------------

When worn it modifies DV by  4 and PV by  4.

When used in melee combat it grants a -4 bonus to hit and causes 1d3 points 
of damage. When used as a missile it grants a -4 bonus to hit and causes 1d3
points of damage.

It causes your wounds to regenerate.
It modifies your willpower attribute by  7.
It grants resistance to poison.
It grants luck.
It grants resistance to paralyzation.