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For the NPC found in Dwarftown, see Ruun.

Priest is a class in ADOM.

Priests are masters of clerical and divine magic. They are the most effective class at casting clerical spells and are overall very good magic users; though not quite as effective at arcane magic as wizards or necromancers. They are also notable for being the most proficient class with the Detect item status skill (and one of only two classes that start with it at all) -- meaning that in little time, priests can easily spot the danger of cursed items. This ability can range from saving the player from frustration by spotting cursed equipment before the PC equips it, to actually saving the PC's life in the case of girdles of carrying.

Priests are not only very good magic users and can easily identify the B/U/C status of any item, but priests of many races start off very well equipped. This makes priests one of the easiest classes to play as in ADOM... though not necessarily the easiest to win with. Priests will need to practise melee combat as well as spells to take down some stubborn foes; but at least they are not as at much of a disadvantage with it as wizards.

Most races can make good priests. Elves in particular make excellent priests, due to their magical talents and superior starting equipment. Dark elves are particularly noteworthy as they add two important skills -- Alertness and Find weakness -- to the priest's skill pool. Dwarves and drakelings also make very respectable priests. Trolls and orcs, whilst lacking in ascribed magical talents, can fare quite well as the talents they achieve as priests can allow them to become great fighters with a reasonable knowledge of spells. Hurthlings, on the other hand, are probably not well suited to the job due to their lack of fighting or casting talents.

Basic Information[править | править исходный текст]

Base/Typical Stats[править | править исходный текст]

The base stats for grown up male priests are tabulated below; female characters will have approximately -1 Strength and 1 Dex, and young characters have slightly less Strength, Learning and Willpower. These stats were generated using the method described on the Talk:Archer page; except with star sign factored in. Variations of /- 5 to each stat will usually exist; or even more if the question system is skipped.

Generally, priests tend towards high Mana, Willpower and Learning scores.

Race St Le Wi Dx To Ch Ap Ma Pe
Human 13 17 16 11 13 12 10 15 11
Troll 23 7 13 9 23 7 5 9 8
High Elf 13 18 14 16 10 12 14 19 15
Gray Elf 13 18 16 15 9 9 18 22 15
Dark Elf 12 14 19 16 12 8 12 24 14
Dwarf 16 15 18 10 17 11 9 15 12
Gnome 12 15 14 13 14 14 10 21 12
Hurthling 8 14 16 16 15 14 10 12 11
Orc 18 11 16 11 17 9 7 9 9
Drakeling 17 14 19 10 17 12 8 15 10
Mist elf 10 21 16 15 9 10 22 29 18
Ratling 13 14 16 14 17 8 5 15 14

Starting Skills[править | править исходный текст]

Skill Typical Value Typical Modifier Available Ingame?
Concentration 4d5 No
Detect item status 4d5 No
First aid 4d5 N/A
Healing 4d5 Yes
Herbalism 4d4 Yes
Literacy 4d4 Yes
Music 3d4 No

Crowning Gifts[править | править исходный текст]

Surprisingly, for a casting-orientated class, most of priests' crowning gifts are weapons. Prior to v. 1.2.0, priests could receive Justifier -- which makes a terrible crowning gift as it deals half damage when not wielded by a paladin. None of the other gifts are particularly undesirable, but not excellent either.

Special Abilities[править | править исходный текст]

Class Abilities[править | править исходный текст]

  • Like paladins, priests can only invoke or benefit from their class powers whilst their deity is very pleased or happier with them.

  • In earlier versions of ADOM, only priests could automatically determine the B/U/C status of any item. This was made into a skill instead, which priests are very proficient with.

  • Heir gift: heavy mace of the sun (typical stats ( 3, 2d5 3) [-2, 0]).
  • Priests need 50% more marks to increase a weaponskill (for all weapon categories).

Class Powers[править | править исходный текст]

Starting Gear[править | править исходный текст]

Human Troll High Elf Grey Elf Dark Elf

Dwarf Gnome Hurthling Orc Drakeling