Sceptre of Chaos

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Sceptre of Chaos (()
Тип Melee weapon
Артефакт? Yes
Вес 800s
Danger Level N/A
Материал Non-metallic

The Sceptre of Chaos is a one-handed weapon found deep within the Infinite Dungeon -- namely in the SIL. It is essential for an ordinary chaos god ending, but is widely believed to be close to useless as a weapon due to its significant downsides, which include automatic dooming and constant corruption while being wielded or carried.

Ценность[править | править исходный текст]

The sceptre is highly desirable for any characters attempting an Ordinary Chaos God ending (ultra endings require the trident instead). Otherwise, it is deemed a waste of time to retrieve it, as far better weapons can be found.

Где найти[править | править исходный текст]

The only place the Sceptre can be found is on the SIL (level 66 of the ID); meaning that if the PC leaves the level without getting the sceptre, it will be lost forever. It is guarded by the chaos knight MaLaKaI, who is extremely potent in melee, having a lot of attacks that deal over a hundred of damage and heavily poison the player. Even a melee-centered character is advised to make use of other forms of combat, such as archery.

Note that as MaLaKaI is generated standing on the sceptre, not carrying it, it is usually possible to lure him away, teleport to the sceptre, seize it, and leave the level without any combat. (The only guaranteed way to do so is approaching him in darkness)

Данные Greater Identify[править | править исходный текст]

--------------------------- uncursed obsidian sceptre--------------------------

The uncursed obsidian sceptre is really an uncursed Sceptre of Chaos ( 8,
6d6 8) [-8,  0] {Ma 8} ( 8 spd).
It is an artifact.

When worn it modifies DV by -8 and PV by  0.
When used in melee combat it grants a  8 bonus to hit and causes 6d6 8 points
of damage. When used as a missile it grants a  0 bonus to hit and causes
1d40 20 points of damage.

It modifies your mana attribute by  8.
It contains the essence of Chaos and Corruption.
It modifies your speed by  8.
It grants resistance to poison.
It grants bad luck.
Wearing it makes you doomed.
It grants resistance to shock attacks.