Scintillating Cave

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The Scintillating Cave is a cave that appears in the Northwest section of the map (next to the Minotaur Maze) once the player has completed the Kill Filk quest. The Scintillating Cave is home to the Emperor Moloch, guardian of the crumpled scroll.

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The Scintillating Cave features nine cavernous levels, with all the inherent dangerous associated with these, including high monster generation, open tension rooms, etc. All of the levels of the Scintillating Cave feature a dangerously high corruption rate, so it is generally not advised to spend inordinate amounts of time fighting monsters here. The last level is particularly corrupting, and is home to the powerful emperor moloch. Killing the emperor moloch will give the player the crumpled scroll, which is necessary to obtain the Trident of the Red Rooster. Note that the crumpled scroll is not an artifact, and thus is vulnerable to damage from fire, water, etc. It is recommended that the player read the crumpled scroll at the earliest opportunity, since this will allow the crumpled scroll to be rewritten using a magical writing set.

Altars may occasionally spawn in the Scintillating Cave; however, these may also be destroyed by rampaging molochs.

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