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Summoners are a type of monster in adom. In addition to their normal attacks and skills, they have the ability to magically call upon assistance. Different summoners can summon different types and numbers of monsters. Some summoners are capable of summoning more summoners and quickly get out of hand.

Summoners will get exhausted by summoning and stop for a while but they will recover and resume summoning. If you or a pet of yours fight them, they will find less time to continue summoning, but the only way to stop summoners for good is killing them.

List of summoners[править | править исходный текст]

Name # of creatures per summon Types of creatures that will be summoned
Necromancer 3d3 Zombie, Ghul, Skeleton
Jackalwere ? Jackal
Lich king Random Monsters
Master lich Random Undead
Mimic hivemind Mimic, Greater mimic, Master mimic
Shadow wyrm Shadow
Shopkeeper Thug (This summon happens as a once off; Waldenbrook summons muscular dwarves instead)
Skeletal king Skeletal warrior
Wererat Rat, Giant rat
Werewolf Wolf, Dire wolf, Silver wolf
Werewolf lord Wolf, Dire wolf, Silver wolf, Werewolf
Werewolf king Wolf, Dire wolf, Silver wolf, Werewolf, Werewolf lord
Fistanarius the Greater balor Random Monsters
Nonnak the Master necromancer Random Undead
Chaos Archmage Random Monsters
Yulgash the Master Summoner Random Monsters
Balor 3d3 Random Monsters
Black wizard Random Monsters
Blink dog Blink dog
Chaos Wizard 3d3 Chaos servant, Writhing mass of primal chaos, Greater chaos servant, Chaos warrior
Dark elven priestess Large spider, Giant spider, Cave fisher, Tarantula
Dark elven princess Large spider, Giant spider, Cave fisher, Tarantula
Dark elven wizard Large spider, Giant spider, Cave fisher, Tarantula
Emperor lich Random Monsters