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Teleportation is the ability to instantly move from one location in a given dungeon level to another empty square. A PC can teleport by means of the teleport spell, use of scrolls or wands of teleportation, the teleportitis condition (via the intrinsic or corruption effect), or by stepping on a teleportation trap.

Teleport control allows the PC to choose where they teleport to; without it, all teleports are random. With it, they choose the dungeon location to land on (whether or not the teleport was their idea in the first place).

The importance of achieving some means of teleportation and teleport control can't be understated; the ability to instantly escape dangerous encounters by teleporting away is obviously a lifesaver; at times, the ability to access locations otherwise inaccessible is also quite valuable (as with the dwarven mystic, or when raiding Darkforge before the PC has the ability to face its dangers head-on).

Teleportation -- including the involuntary sort caused by teleportitis or teleport traps -- is impossible, both for the PC and for monsters -- in certain no-teleport areas.