Thrundarr's Quests

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Thrundarr assigns the PC one of five quests when the PC says 'quest' to him. One has to be completed before the next is assigned.

Условия получения[править | править исходный текст]

The PC must be at least level 6 in order to receive any quests from Thrundarr. In addition, the PC must complete these quests in order.

Выполнение[править | править исходный текст]

  • In the first quest, Thrundarr asks the PC to find a random monster of appropriate difficulty based on the Dwarftown level with probably slight modification towards character level. This quest can be very tedious if a somewhat rare monster is assigned, or frustrating if a monster like a cat is assigned.
  • In the second quest, Thrundarr asks the PC to see what is beyond the Animated Forest. He details two possibilities, either passing through the forest, or through a dangerous area called the Dwarven Halls. Two down staircases will be found around D13 indicating the two paths. The Animated Forest is a huge room full of animated trees. Most are non-hostile, but a few will attack the PC, and they will all attack the PC if fire magic is used. Safe passage can be achieved simply by walking through with high DV on Coward (dual wielding shields is preferred), or using darkness or invisibility to make the trip easier. There is room around the edges of the eastern and northern walls for the PC to dig a tunnel around the forest and seal this with doors if they desire. The Dwarven Halls are two levels of random design. The difficulty of the monsters here is much higher than what the PC will experience for a long time, and extreme caution is required. A fast walking speed, invisibility, or on-demand teleportation are very desirable to traverse these. If the PC is lucky and the stairs are close together, this can be a very easy way to complete this quest.

If the PC has already seen the animated forest before this quest is assigned, he will be asked to kill a random monster as per the first quest instead, and receive no reward.

  • The third quest is to kill the ogre tribe located near Dwarftown. Specifically, these ogres live in a cave, entrance to which magically appears in the south of Dwarftown after Thrundarr assigns this quest. The cave contains many ogres, as well as a few ogre magi and an ogre lord.
  • In the fourth quest, Thrundarr asks the PC to become champion of the Arena. Simply win twenty fights at the Arena to become champion. Note that cats can be generated in the Arena, and the final battle in the Arena can be against a powerful ogre magus capable of casting invisibility and using cold attacks. Becoming champion prior to doing this quest will result in another random monster quest being assigned, but you can perform the first 19 fights without a problem.

Contrary to the animated forest quest, becoming champion of the Arena before the quest is assigned will not lead to a forfeit of the reward. Since the random monster kill quest can lead to a very frustrating search, it is still advisable to delay the Arena victory until the quest is obtained.

  • For the fifth quest, Thrundarr asks the PC to kill a greater daemon terrorizing the city. The daemon will appear randomly in the city and can teleport, breathe fire, and drain the PC's stats. Sacrificing him at the Dwarftown altar is probably the safest way for PCs to kill him, provided the altar (or PC, depending on the perspective) is of the proper alignment. Be aware that the daemon may attack the residents of the town, notably Glod, the Demented Ratling, and Garth. Some players intentionally lure the daemon to kill Glod to obtain his anvil and access to his forge.

Награда[править | править исходный текст]

  • First Quest: If the PC is illiterate, Thrundarr will give the artifact potion of literacy to the PC. As of v. 1.2.0, PCs completing this quest with a skill level of less than 50 in literacy will also receive the potion. Otherwise he will identify your inventory (same effect as a blessed scroll of identify).
  • Second Quest: the PC will receive a blessed wand of fireballs with 12 charges. If the quest becomes replaced by a "kill random monster" quest, there is no reward.
  • Third Quest: the PC will receive 5000 gold.
  • Fourth Quest: the PC will receive an assortment of items dependent on his/her race, class, and alignment. Lawfuls (and most dwarves) may receive the artifact shield Rolf's Saviour. Most PCs will receive a set of items including potions of extra healing and waterproof or fireproof blankets. Others will receive a set of blessed mithril armor. This reward will still be granted to PCs that were already champion of the arena when they spoke to Thrundarr and received a "kill random monster" quest instead.
  • Fifth Quest: the PC will receive the powerful but heavy artifact mace Big Punch.