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Vault is a type of special feature that can occur randomly on a dungeon level in the Caverns of Chaos (excluding a few) or Unremarkable Dungeon, and is guaranteed to occur on the bottom level of the Puppy Cave.

A vault is a secret area in a level with no rooms -- rather, space is divided by particular rock patterns. Most of the empty space in vaults consists of monsters. Vaults are usually themed, consisting of monsters that are related in some way (though lesser vaults of completely random monsters are also possible). Monsters generated from a vault are believed to have a higher chance to drop items.

There are two types of vaults in ADOM -- lesser vaults and greater vaults.

Lesser vaults[править | править исходный текст]

Lesser vaults take up a quarter of a dungeon level, meaning it will be found in one of the corners. The message "You feel excited." is seen upon entering a level where a lesser vault has been generated. Some lesser vaults have spiralling 'corridors' with few monsters in them, whereas other lesser vaults may contain a lot of open space containing large amounts of monsters.

Vaults filled with random monsters (unrelated to each other) can occur on any danger level above 5, and often contain creatures that are more dangerous than those in the general area; mixed vaults in the Unremarkable Dungeon, for example, may contain an acid vortex, werewolf lord, gray slayer or a gorgon. In fact it is common for a mixed vault in the UD to contain a vortex, so the player can often detect one by hearing a distant wind after seeing the "You feel excited." message.

Lesser vault themes[править | править исходный текст]

  • CoC floors before D:4
Kobolds Many kobolds/large kobolds, a few kobold shamans, one Kobold chieftain
Goblins Many goblins/hobgoblins, a few hobgoblin leaders, one hobgoblin chief

  • Unremarkable Dungeon, Puppy Cave level 6, CoC pre-Dwarftown
Orcs Many orcs/orc scorchers, some large orcs, one orc chieftain
Gnolls Many hyenas and gnolls, some large gnolls, one gnoll chieftain
Jellies Many green slimes and gray oozes, a few gelatinous cubes, one yellow ooze
Lesser undead Many skeletons, zombies and ghuls; a few shadows, a slow shadow or ghost

Spiders Many large spiders and cave fishers, some giant spiders and tarantulas
Ratlings Many ratling archers and ratling warriors, some ratling duelists, one ratling warlord
Ogres Many ogres and orcs, a few ogre magi, one ogre lord
Demons Many hell hounds and least daemons, some lesser daemons, one greater daemon
Elves Many dark elven archers and dark elven warriors, some dark elven wizards and dark elven lords, one dark elven priestess
Greater undead Many ghosts and spectres, some vampires, one ghost lord
Berserkers Many berserkers and berserker lords, a few berserker princes, one berserker king
Golems (common) Many flesh golems and clay golems, some stone golems, one iron golem

  • CoC, after wall of flames
Red dragons Many red baby dragons and red dragons, some ancient red dragons, one great red wyrm
White dragons Many white baby dragons and white dragons, some ancient white dragons, one great white wyrm
Blue dragons Many blue baby dragons and blue dragons, some ancient blue dragons, one great blue wyrm
Black dragons Many black baby dragons and black dragons, some ancient black dragons, one great black wyrm
Golems (rare) Many stone golems, some iron golems, one eternium golem

Greater vaults[править | править исходный текст]

Greater vaults appear to be exclusive to levels in the CoC beyond the wall of flames. They are very large, taking up half an entire level. Greater vaults contain four 'grand treasures' -- each of which is either a very large heap of gold (about a few tens of thousands), or a random artifact. The greater vaults contain enormous amounts of high levelled monsters, and very powerful monsters to guard the treasures.

As of v. 1.2.0, one greater vault is guaranteed to be generated in the CoC[1]; this is usually found on D:45 or D:46. As a general rule, PCs intending to clear out greater vaults on levels as deep as this should be wary of the massive amount of corruption that (s)he can accumulate by spending too long on such levels.

Greater vault themes[править | править исходный текст]

Greater giant vault Hordes of ogre lords, hill giants, fomorian giants and ettins; some frost giants and fire giants
Greater fire vault Hordes of fire lizards, fire elementals, red baby dragons and red dragons; some ancient red dragons, a few great red wyrms
Greater undead vault Hordes of ghosts, spectres, vampires, ghost lords; some master liches, lich kings and emperor liches (about 1d4 for each?)
Greater karmic vault Hordes of karmic lizards, karmic baby dragons, karmic dragons; some ancient karmic dragons, great karmic wyrm(s).

[Note that prior to v. 1.2.0, goblins may erronously be generated instead of ancient karimc dragons[2]]