Water Dragon Cave

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The Water Dragon Cave is a hidden location that can be found randomly by "s"earching any water square on the map - usually only a few attempts are required. The cave is special in that it's completely underwater. It is the hoarding place of a powerful water dragon - be wary.

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The most critical features of the Water Dragon Cave are the fact that the cave is entirely underwater. Some form of water breathing is thus required if the PC wishes to spend any time there. The swimming skill will extend the PC's life expectancy somewhat - its main effect is that moving is easier with it - but damage will still be taken at rates significantly faster than even the Tower of Eternal Flames. A blessed ring of the fish, amulet of water breathing or helm of water breathing are the best options. The watery nature of the cave naturally also means that iron items will rust, and scrolls and books will be destroyed at a frustrating rate if the PC does not have a waterproof blanket.

The main reason to visit the Water Dragon Cave is to access the central room, which is home to Shyssiryxius, the water dragon, as well as her vast treasury. Talking to Shyssiryxius will allow the PC to complete Find Blup's Mom and (eventually) gain the powerful rune-covered trident. Items in the treasury cannot be taken without angering the dragon; in addition, no items may be picked up anywhere in the dungeon without angering the dragon. If the PC picks up an item, the dragon will immediately teleport next to the PC and attack. This includes items that the PC drops, items from monsters killed, or missiles shot. Valuable missile weapons should therefore generally not be used.

The treasury may often hold some valuable items, such as rings of djinni summoning, wands of wishing, artifacts, seven league boots, or other high-end weapons and armor, and thus it is often worthwhile to loot at least parts of it. This is most easily accomplished by blanketing the entire treasure room (and the exit stairs) with darkness, and then proceeding to simply pick up all of the items. The water dragon cannot see in darkness, and thus all of the items may be recovered safely before teleporting to the stairs. Killing the water dragon is also possible, but this can be a difficult problem even through use of darkness since Shyssiryxius has the ability to teleport away in the (likely) event that she panics. She is also an incredibly powerful opponent capable of doing several hundred damage per turn, and can kill high level PCs with ease - and will attack in darkness if she is cornered. She does also give suitably high amounts of XP, so if you want to risk it...

Note that as of version 1.2.0 robbing the cave with the use of darkness is not safe anymore, as Shyssiryxius will be next to PC most of the time and can easily attack him/her. She won't use water breath attack, but her melee capabilities are equally powerful. High DV/PV values are advised and maintaining maximum hit points at all times should be a top priority.

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Note that Shyssiryxius, Dragon turtles, Giant dragon turtles, and Greater water elementals all have powerful water breath attacks that can do several hundred points of damage. Reports claim that this damage can be minimized by wearing multiple counts of water breathing. None of these monsters can see in darkness (though, again, they might still fight back if cornered), and only the dragon can see invisible.

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Visiting the Water Dragon Cave is necessary to complete Find Blup's Mom.