Water Temple

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The Water Temple is a special dungeon level in the Caverns of Chaos, namely on level 19 or 20 of the dungeon. The level is identified by the message "Water seems to be constantly dripping from the ceiling of this level.". The right side of the level consists of a few randomly generated rooms; whilst the left side, in which the temple itself lies, always has a fixed structure that is constant between games. The temple contains the Chaos Orb of Elemental Water -- which is carried by the Snake from Beyond.

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The Water Temple

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The entire level itself is a no-teleport area.

The right side of the level contains a few random dungeon rooms, which never seem to have any dungeon features. The left side of the level is sealed off by many squares of rocks with no secret passages; instead, the PC must dig through the rock using a pick axe or magic (including wands of digging). PCs with a very high standing with their diety can pray for a pick axe in an elemental temple, if they don't have one. Digging in any straight line straight through the rock is enough to reach the Water Temple.

The right side of the level contains many water demons, water grues, water elementals and water snakes. The building in the centre -- the Temple itself -- is surrounded by a lake of water 2-3 squares wide. The outskirts of the temple are inhabited by an multitude of chaos servants which can't swim, so will walk around guarding the area. PCs that can't swim should beware of chaos servants blocking their path; such PCs should pick them off with missiles or magic first, before attempting to cross. Water breathing is useful -- but not strictly necessary -- to cross the lake damage-free to prepare for the boss fight.

The centre room consists of some water demons, a chaotic altar, and the Snake from Beyond that will drop the Chaos Orb of Elemental Water when slain. Regardless of their own alignment, PCs should be very careful not to accidentally step onto the altar when a water demon is in their line of sight -- demons will usually sacrifice the PC to their gods given the first opportunity.

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Khelavaster assigns the PC to collect an Orb from each of the five elemental temples and reach the Chaos Gate; thus it is necessary to visit the Water Temple to achieve any sort of victory.