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Whirlwind (})
Тип Missile weapon
Артефакт? Yes
Вес 3s
Danger Level 2
Материал Leather

Whirlwind is the best and only artifact sling in ADOM. It has stats of ( 12, 12), and grants resistance to fire while equipped in the missile slot (as of version 1.2.0 [1]).

Ценность[править | править исходный текст]

Extremely useful to players who rely on their plentiful supply of rocks to cause large amounts of damage, and considerably more useful in ADOM v. 1.2.0 now that the pool of sling bullets have been expanded to include slaying powers other than demon slaying. It is not quite as potent as Sun's Messenger, though; but at least is a lot easier to carry around than The Far Slayer.

Где найти[править | править исходный текст]

Whirlwind can be obtained by precrowning, postcrowning, pickpocketing, or as a random drop as any other loot item. It cannot be wished for, and it is very rare to find as a random drop.

It is a possible crowning gift for Archers, Bards, Druids, Farmers, and Thieves.

Данные Greater Identify[править | править исходный текст]

--------------- blessed rune-covered sling "Whirlwind" ( 12,  12)--------------

It is an artifact.

When used in melee combat it grants a  0 bonus to hit and causes 1d2 points of
damage. When used as a missile it grants a  12 bonus to hit and causes 1d1 12
points of damage.

It grants resistance to fire.