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Yrruir U
Локация Beautiful Unicorn Glade
Вид Unknown
Мировоззрение Lawful
Враждебный? Sometimes to chaotic PCs
Уникальный? Yes
Видит невидимое? Yes
Видит в темноте? Unknown

Yrruir, the greater white unicorn is a unique NPC found in a beautiful glade by herself. The PC must talk to Guth'Alak after reaching level 30 for the location to appear. When chatted to, Yrruir will offer a quest to slay her evil counterpart, Riurry. Since like lesser unicorns she has an annoying habit of constantly teleporting, she can be a bit frustrating to catch in order to have such conversation. She will reward PCs that complete her quest with a once-off removal of all corruptions that (s)he has acquired.

If the PC talks to Riurry he'll offer a quest to kill his good counterpart -- i.e. Yrruir. Like Riurry, Yrruir is strong and evasive but usually is not too difficult to kill by the time the PC has reached level 30 or higher.

Players should note that if the PC is chaotic when Yrruir is generated, it is likely that she will be hostile -- meaning that unless they can somehow calm her (if indeed this is possible), they have lost a valuable source of corruption removal. They won't even get to meet the greater black unicorn to receive any reward for killing her.

Характеристики[править | править исходный текст]

Level: 1, DV: 75, PV: 20, Hits: 400, Attacks: 1, Damage: 24-112, Speed: 100.

Эффект от съедения[править | править исходный текст]

Eating the greater white unicorn is said to be a purely diabolical act of terrible karma that causes the PC's alignment to move dramatically towards chaotic, remove the Lucky and Fate Smiles intrinsics from the PC and "grant" them cursing and dooming.

Игровое описание (Monster memory)[править | править исходный текст]

Waves of power and Law radiate from this magnificent beast. Her coat glitters as if sprinkled with diamond dust. She moves with grace, speed, and purpose, occasionally breaking into a gallop so fast she seems to be here one moment, and somwhere else the next.