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Artifacts are a special class of items in ADOM in that they are indestructible through conventional means, and unique (with the exception of the si).

Artifacts can be generated in different ways: some are only available through the completion of certain quests; whilst others are available randomly in a variety of ways -- including precrowning, shops, vaults, surges of power and random drops. In versions 1.1.1 and earlier[1], it is possible to generate a random artifact weighing 10s or less by pickpocketing. In version 1.1.1, some artifacts were only available through crowning or not at all; this bug has been fixed in 1.2.0[2].

While equipped, all artifacts increase food consumption by 0.5 units per turn per artifact. Crowned players get a discounted cost of 0.25 units per turn per artifact. This penalty is rounded down -- meaning that PCs who are not crowned can equip a single artifact without penalty, while those who are crowned can equip three.

The value of artifacts varies considerably: some are more valuable than nearly any randomly generated item, others may not only be useless, but actually harmful to keep around.

Most artifacts can only be destroyed by being sacrificed to a deity or fed to the Demented Ratling. Notable exceptions include the potion of literacy, which disappears after it is drunk, and the ring of the master cat, which will explode if the PC kills a cat while wearing it. The Elemental Chaos Orbs cannot be destroyed by any means whatsoever. Due to bugs in ADOM v. 1.1.1 it is possible to destroy artifact potions by kicking them, to consume artifact potions by Alchemy or turn them into poison (accidentally by the poison hands corruption or intentionally by level 6 Assassins), to break artifacts with a cursed scroll of repair, or to melt a metal artifact into an ingot by a level 6 Weaponsmith.[3]

Below is a list of all artifacts in ADOM, sorted by how they may be found. Guaranteed artifacts can always be found in-game provided that the player meets certain conditions or completes certain quests. Random artifacts can be generated randomly by a number of different means (see second paragraph, above) for a PC; though only one copy of each artifact can be potentially generated in the same game.

Guaranteed Artifacts[править | править исходный текст]

Name Type of Item Location Notes
Chaos Orb of Elemental Fire Tool Tower of Eternal Flames Grants 10 St while equipped, can be 'U'sed to replicate the Fireball spell. Vital for winning the game.
Chaos Orb of Elemental Air Tool Air Temple Grants 10 Dx while equipped, can be 'U'sed to replicate to summon a tame air elemental. Vital for winning the game.
Chaos Orb of Elemental Earth Tool Earth Temple Grants 10 To while equipped, can be 'U'sed to replicate the Earthquake spell. Vital for winning the game.
Chaos Orb of Elemental Water Tool Water Temple Grants 10 Wi while equipped, can be 'U'sed to completely heal the PC. Vital for winning the game.
Chaos Orb of Elemental Mana Tool Mana Temple Grants 10 Ma while equipped, can be 'U'sed to completely restore PP and add Mana. Vital for winning the game.
The si Tool CoC D:8 Replicates indefinitely while in the player's inventory.
Sword of Nonnak Weapon Dwarven Graveyard Found by digging at the grave of Griff Bloodax in the lower level of the Dwarf Graveyard. Weak weapon, but provides nice increase to Wi.
Big Punch Weapon Dwarftown Reward for completing Thrundarr's Quests. Powerful weapon, but extremely heavy.
Rolf's Companion Weapon Dwarftown Given to lawfuls by the dwarven mystic. Damage increases dramatically when paired with Rolf's Saviour.
Golden Gladius Weapon Arena Awarded for winning 20 fights in the Arena. Can be traded to Bart for skills and weapons training.
Needle Weapon CoC UL:4 Awarded completing Sharad-Waador's Quest. Damage increases dramatically when paired with Sting.
Sting Weapon Assassins Guild Carried by the assassin prince. Damage increases dramatically when paired with Needle.
Moon Sickle Two-Handed Weapon Caverns of Chaos Found on a random level between Dwarftown and the wall of flames. Corrupts when used to attack, turns potions into potions of raw chaos.
Rune-covered trident Two-Handed Weapon Received at level 16 or 36 Reward for sending Blup to his mother. Raven-born characters receive at level 16. Others receive at 36.
Axe of the minotaur emperor Two-Handed Weapon Minotaur Maze Reward for slaying the minotaur emperor. Extremely heavy. Heavy loss of DV as a two-hander. Good at scoring critical hits and excellent damage.
Sceptre of Chaos Two-Handed Weapon SIL Found on the floor of the SIL, guarded by MaLaKaI. Essential for an ordinary chaos god ending.
Trident of the Red Rooster Two-Handed Weapon Terinyo Reward for giving Khelavaster the crumpled scroll. Essential for Ultra Endings.
Crown of science Helmet Darkforge Lying on the ground in a hidden room in Darkforge. Dubious value: dooms, but provides large increase to Learning.
Crown of Chaos Helmet Ancient Stone Circle Reward for killing Keriax. Essential for Ultra and ordinary chaos god endings. Useless otherwise: corrupts while carried, dooms while worn.
Ancient mummy wrapping Armour The Pyramid Dropped by Rehetep when killed. Provides numerous useful intrinsics.
True Strength Girdle D:50 Available only to a Paragon of Order. Nearly impossible to get in practice.
Shield of raw steel Shield Darkforge Reward for Killing Guth'Alak. Dubious value: corrupts, but provides substantial bonuses otherwise.
Rolf's Saviour Shield Dwarftown Reward for completing Thrundarr's Quests, only given to lawfuls or dwarves. Players who meet either (or both) of these conditions may not always receive the shield regardless. Increases damage of Rolf's Companion while worn.
Elemental gauntlets Gauntlets Dwarven Graveyard Hidden in a small room behind the grave of Griff Bloodax. Protects worn rings, reduces corrupting effects of Chaos Orbs.
Boots of great speed Boots Quickling Tree Guarded by the quickling king and queen at the end of quickling tree. Corrupts while carried, dooms while equipped: generally useless.
Black torc Necklace Druid Dungeon Only available to players who take the Kill Keethrax quest. Dubious value since it curses the player.
The ankh Necklace The Pyramid Dropped by Rehetep. Gives luck, fate smiles, and increases luck.
Amulet of raw steel Necklace Darkforge Reward for Killing Thrundarr. Corrupts while carried or equpped, considered to be generally useless.
Medal of Chaos Necklace High Mountain Village Reward for completing Gaab'Baay's Quests. Required for an ordinary chaos god ending or Ultra ending; dubious value otherwise.
Ring of the master cat Ring Caverns of Chaos Awarded to players who have not killed any cats by the cat lord. Arguably the best artifact in the game.
Ring of the High Kings Ring Hall of the High Kings Used to allow players to pass the eternal guardian.
Phial of Caladriel Potion Gremlin Cave Casts light when 'U'sed for all of the PC's PP. Can temporarily blind humanoids if thrown at them; limited use otherwise.
Potion of literacy Potion Dwarftown Reward for completing Thrundarr's Quests. Grants the Literacy skill to illiterate players, trains Learning otherwise.

Random Artifacts[править | править исходный текст]

Available in all versions (since 0.5.0)[править | править исходный текст]

Name Type of Item Notes
Serpent's Bite Weapon Always poisoned, slays humanoids, high critical hit rate. Considered to be one of the best weapons in the game.
Scorched spear Weapon Dubious value due to low damage and poor intrinsics; one of the few one-handed spear artifacts in the game.
Hammerhead Weapon Crowning gift for dwarves. Unbreakable pickaxe.
Purifier Weapon Crowning gift for druids and priests. Excellent damage and slaying powers.
Soaker Weapon Sometimes called "sucker". Dubious value due to extremely low damage.
Skullcrusher Weapon Crowning gift for barbarians, weaponsmiths, priests and farmers. Humanoid slayer, decent intrinsics.
Executor Weapon Crowning gift for assassins and duelists. Considered to be the best one-handed weapon in the game due to excellent slaying powers and damage.
Wyrmlance Two-Handed Weapon Slays dragons. Quite useful if found before the Tower of Eternal Flames.
Hammer of the gods Two-Handed Weapon Crowning gift for Paladins, Farmers, Priests, Weaponsmiths. Very heavy and high damage.
Long Sting Two-Handed Weapon Crowning gift for Fighters, Farmers. Completely useless.
Staff of the Archmagi Two-Handed Weapon Crowning gift for Elementalists, Wizards, Necromancers. Substantial increase to Mana. Rarely used because caster classes generally prefer to use shields.
Thunderstroke Missile Disappointing crowning gift for archers. Returns when shot as of v. 1.2.0, making it far more powerful and useful that it was in earlier versions
Whirlwind Missile Weapon Crowning gift for Thieves, Archers, Bards, Druids, Elementalists. Useful for frequent users of slings.
The Far Slayer Missile Weapon Crowning gift for Archers and Assassins. Fantastic weapon.
Protector Shield Crowning gift for Fighters, Weaponsmiths. Excellent stats, decent intrinsics.
Crown of leadership Helmet Crowning gift for Merchants. Excellent bonus to charisma, respectable stats and intrinsics.
Nature's Companion Armour Crowning gift for Beastfighters, Druids, Rangers. Two immunities, excellent bonus to speed. Fantastic artifact overall.
Robes of resistance Armour Crowning gift for Healers, Merchants, Mindcrafters, Monks, Wizards. Excellent PV, nice bonus to toughness.
Ironfist Gauntlets Crowning gift for Duelists. Great bonus to strength.
Preserver Amulet Crowning gift for Beastfighters, Healers, Necromancers. Excellent bonuses to PV, DV, and Willpower. Great intrinsics. One of the most coveted artifacts in the game.
Bracers of war Bracers Crowning gift for Beastfighters, Fighters, Weaponsmiths. Excellent bonuses to PV, DV, and Dexterity. Fantastic intrinsics. One of the most coveted artifacts in the game
Ring of immunity Ring Crowning gift for Elementalists, Mindcrafters, Monks, Necromancers, Weaponsmiths, Wizards. Provides immunity to all elemental damage, good PV/DV. Excellent artifact.
Black tome of Alsophocus Book Sometimes called "the black tome of suck". Arguably the most useless artifact in the game. Reading it teaches a random spell, but corrupts. Merely carrying the book also corrupts. Dipping it into potions will create potions of raw chaos.

Crowning-only artifacts prior to v 1.2.0[править | править исходный текст]

The following artifacts could only be obtained via crowning until this bug was fixed in v 1.2.0.

Name Type of Item Class Availability Notes
Boots of the divine messenger Boots Archers, Bards, Beastfighters, Merchants, Monks, Rangers.

Excellent bonus to dexterity. Fantastic intrinsics. Merchants, Bards, and especially Archers may prefer seven league boots, however, for the increased movement bonus. Fantastic for Beastfighters, Monks, and high level Rangers.

Sun's Messenger Missile Weapon All high and grey elves. Archers, Rangers. Indestructible bow with great damage modifiers and undead slaying. Archers love this artifact, although in most situations The Far Slayer is actually better.
True Aim Missile Archers, Rangers Joke artifact created to taunt players hoping for Sun's Messenger or The Far Slayer. As of 1.2.0, this artifact now returns when shot, making it remarkably more useful.
Cloak of Oman Cloak Assassins, Bards, Beastfighters, Thieves. Only decent crowning gift for Thieves. Very nice DV/PV and Dexterity bonuses. Teleportation generally useful once controlled. Does not protect worn equipment like a hooded cloak (verify me!)
Death's Blade Two-Handed Weapon Assassins, Barbarians, Chaos Knights, Fighters. A standard eternium two-handed sword is better than this. Usually disappointing to receive since these classes all have much better gifts available.
Kinslayer Weapon Assassins, Duelists, Necromancers Humanoid slayer with respectable damage. Best one-handed sword in the game.
Grod Two-Handed Weapon Barbarians, Chaos Knights, Fighters Excellent damage, demon slayer, often scores critical hits, fire immunity. Nasty loss of DV, especially as a two-hander.
Vanquisher Two-Handed Weapon Barbarians, Fighters, Necromancers Slays everything. One of the most desirable crowning gifts.
Cat's Claw Weapon Thieves, Bards Absolutely pitiful damage. Dexterity bonus makes it passable for heavy missile users.
Staff of the Wanderer Two-Handed Weapon Bards, Druids, Elementalists, Healers, Merchants, Mindcrafters, Wizards Generally undesirable. Most of these classes would prefer to use one-handed weapon and a shield.
Trusted One Weapon Bards, Merchants, Paladins Great intrinsics and defensive bonuses, but useless as a weapon. Situationally useful for all three classes.
Black Thumb Weapon Druids There are only four monsters in the game that are plants, none of which are particularly dangerous. Useless.
Nature's Friend Shield Druids, Elementalists, Farmers, Rangers Terrible DV for a shield basically renders this item useless.
Brannalbin's Cloak of Defense Cloak Elementalists, Healers, Mindcrafters, Wizards Debatable. Reasonable stats for a cloak and indestructible, but permanent invisibility greatly increases food consumption. Does not protect worn items from water damage (verify me!)
Iron Crown of Havlor Helmet Elementalists, Merchants, Mindcrafters, Monks Massive DV and PV, especially for a helmet.
Shirt of the Saints Armour Farmers, Healers, Monks, Priests Decent PV/DV, excellent intrinsics.
Shezestriakis Gauntlets Healers, Merchants, Monks Excellent DV and intrinsics, but absolutely colossal penalty to to-hit. Mostly useless. All three classes have much better crowing gifts available.
Aylas Holy Scarf Amulet Paladins, Priests Fantastic DV/PV bonuses, especially for an amulet. Desirable, although not generally the preferred artifact for paladins.
Justifier Weapon Paladins, Priests (only prior to v. 1.2.0) Best crowning gift for paladins, demon and undead slayer and deals double damage. Useless for others, as it will deal half damage.
Perion's mithril plate mail Armour Paladins, Weaponsmiths Terrible crowning gift. Standard eternium or dragon scale mail is comparable.
Bugbiter Weapon Duelist, Ranger Best one-handed spear in the game. Damage is still mediocre, but nice for players who enjoy the spear/shield combination.
Silver key Tool Thief Acts essentially as an unbreakable set of keys. Useless for a class that specializes in opening locks and disarming traps; somewhat useful for others. In 1.2.0 will generate doors on an empty square in exchange for PP.

Added in v 1.2.0[править | править исходный текст]

50 new artifacts are set to appear in v. 1.2.0[4]. More information will be added about these as it comes.

Name Type of Item Notes
Foeslammer Two-handed Weapon Crowning (only?) gift for Chaos Knights.

Very powerful weapon that slays humanoids and plants, and has an increased critical ratio even against other monsters. Spreads terror.

spiked armor of chaos and terror Body armor Crowning (only?) gift for Chaos Knights.

Spreads terror; so it cannot be worn around shopkeepers without angering them. Otherwise, by far the best armor in the game.

Moloch's Thorns Boots Crowning (only?) gift for Chaos Knights.

Extremely heavy and strong boots that allow the wearer to kick with devastating force and control teleportation, but also slows them down and can significantly burden them.

crowned spiked helmet of chaos lordship Headgear Crowning (only?) gift for Chaos Knights.

Very strong helmet that provides useful bonuses. Spreads terror.

fencing gloves of St. Montojja Gauntlets Crowning gift for Duelists.

Provides great bonuses to Dexterity, speed and DV; very good artifact overall.

rapier of the needle Weapon

Crowning gift for Duelists.

Somewhat decent damage potential, with an increased critical rate. Good bonuses to Dexterity, speed and DV.

staff of Creation Two-handed weapon Crowning (only?) gift for Mist Elves.

Provides an enormous boost to Willpower and some very useful intrinsics. Mediocre as a weapon.

Inaccessible artifacts in v. 1.1.1 only[править | править исходный текст]

These two artifacts were present in earlier versions of ADOM but are not accessible with an unpatched 1.1.1 executable, due to the same bug that causes many of the others to be only accessible via crowning. This was fixed in 1.2.0 -- meaning they are available once again.

Name Type of Item Notes
Lust for Glory Shield Mediocre DV/PV, but useful intrinsics: resistance to death rays, paralyzation, and petrification.
Celestrix Girdle Massive bonus to DV/PV, particularly for something in the girdle slot, plus numerous desirable intrinsics, but relatively useless since it causes dooming.