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Upon reaching level 13, a papyrus scroll will appear somewhere near the PC. This scroll invites the player to visit the Pyramid, home to the mummy lord Rehetep. The Pyramid is found to the east of the Caverns of Chaos and is accessible by players level 13 through 16 inclusive. Note that although the papyrus scroll invites the player to the pyramid, it is not required to read it or even see it to gain access.

Достопримечательности[править | править исходный текст]

The pyramid features three floors of fixed design. The first level is a large, heavily trapped maze with many secret passages. At the rightmost edge of this level (hidden behind a secret door) there is a small pile of tools that includes a climbing set, thieves picks and a pickaxe. The stairs up, are located in a hall in the upper left corner kept from the rest of the maze by multiple secret doors. The second level is a similar maze-like design, with the upward stairs down a heavily trapped hallway northeast of the starting location.

The third level is an open room featuring Rehetep, several mummies, jackal daemons, and several random monsters of frequently above-average difficulty - don't be surprised to fight something you've never seen before. A non-cursed potion of exchange can be brought to transform a particularly nasty creature into something more manageable. The stairs on this level will shift to another location every time the PC enters, including the first time, to make retreat more problematic. It seems that at least Rehetep's servants are unable to follow the PC down these stairs. The object here is to kill Rehetep and collect the two artifacts he carries. Rehetep, as with all mummies, can see invisible and is immune to cold and vulnerable to fire. Invisibility is still useful to keep the random monsters out of the fight.

Note that the Pyramid will be shut forever if the PC has reached level 17 (before killing Rehetep), but he will still be able to explore and leave at his leisure if he gained that level while inside the pyramid. Items left behind are lost forever.

Note also that there does seem to be some background corruption in the pyramid, as discovered when an uncorrupted PC gained corruption without falling to traps or chaos monsters. The degree of corruption is so far undetermined.

Население[править | править исходный текст]

Rehetep, the Mummy Lord; mummies, greater mummies, jackals, jackalweres, jackal daemons, assorted undead up to spectres

Квесты[править | править исходный текст]

Although not added to the quest log, the objective of entering the Pyramid is to kill Rehetep because he drops the ankh and the ancient mummy wrapping.